Kandy Call Center

Powerful but Simple - Manage More Calls, More Efficiently

Your organization has employees focused on answering customer calls. Whether the focus is sales or support, the goals are usually simple: get calls answered quickly, deliver great service and move on to the next call or task. It sounds easy, but for many small businesses, it’s hard to see what’s happening from moment to moment and even harder to quantify results. That’s exactly why we developed Kandy Call Center. It’s a call management tool that helps businesses manage incoming call volumes (with agent groups and announcements) across multiple employees, even multiple locations. Instantly see call volume, gracefully manage traffic spikes and measure employee productivity. Whether a business is growing rapidly or aggressively managing costs, Kandy Call Center delivers the tools to track who is doing what, when and how well. Kandy Call Center helps you exceed your customer’s expectations by managing what’s happening right now and spot longer term trends that drive cost and profitability.

Kandy Auto Attendant Datasheet

Every business call answered and routed efficiently, day or night.


Nuvia Call Center

Basic & Advanced Queues

Skills-based Routing and Hunt Groups

Wallboards and Dashboards

Interactive Voice Response

Data-Rich Supervisor Console

Flexible Call control & Park Options

Why Choose Kandy Call Center?


Because Kandy Call Center is part of the Kandy Business Solutions cloud, there is no expensive hardware to purchase or maintain.


Access Kandy Call Center from virtually any PC or Mac using just a web browser.


Compatible with the Kandy Attendant Console, organizations can control handset costs while providing advanced features to agents.


Real-time statistics delivered via the Kandy Call Center wallboard help keep agents motivated and supervisors informed.


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