Kandy Attendant Console

Easily and effectively route incoming calls

For most organizations, attendants/receptionists/operators deliver a critical first impression to incoming callers. As with any first impression, if it isn’t positive, it’s challenging to overcome. Kandy Attendant Console enables users to rapidly answer and transfer large volumes of incoming calls. That efficiency not only reduces staffing requirements, it enables staff to spend more time with high priority callers without getting overwhelmed.

Kandy Attendant Console is web browser-based, so it doesn’t require special software or a dedicated device. It’s integrated into the organization’s Kandy directory so every employee is automatically listed and contact information is always accurate. The attendant can quickly see if the call’s intended recipient is on the phone and decide how best to manage the caller’s expectations and route the call.

Kandy Attendant Console


Why Choose Kandy Attendant Console?

Web-based and Delivered from the Cloud for Maximum Flexibility

Unlike dedicated console hardware or PC/Mac applications, Kandy Attendant Console is not tied to a single physical location or computer. Users can login from almost anywhere and don’t need to worry about loading software to access services. It’s easy for a co-worker to “jump in” to help during peak periods or during lunch or vacations. This is ideal for organizations that want to spread phone answering duties across a geographically disperse workforce, need to manage vacations/absences or wish to enable employees to work from home.

Integrated into Nuvia Business Solutions and Nuvia Call Center

Since the Kandy Attendant Console is delivered from the cloud, it makes sense that it works seamlessly with Kandy’s cloud unified communication and call center solutions. It can also work in conjunction with, or as a replacement for, SIP-based desk phones. The solution even offers configurable keyboard shortcuts to turn multi-step call transfer actions into a single click – saving time and improving the customer experience.


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