Group Calling Services

Group Calling Services

Many organizations struggle to manage peaks and valleys in their incoming call volumes. They can’t afford to have extra staff for occasional peaks but can’t afford to have customers hanging-up or allow voicemails to pile up (and sometimes get forgotten). Kandy’s Group Calling Services provide simple tools to “stack” calls for a minute or two, until staff free-up. Music on hold keeps caller engaged and virtual wallboards (via PC screen) helps staff keep track of callers waiting and distribute calls across staff members effectively. Kandy has basic and advanced calling services built right into the solution so it won’t blow the budget.

Group Calling



Kandy Basic Queuing

For organizations that just need basic call queueing and call distribution:

  • Hunt Groups
  • UCD Groups
  • Music-on-hold

Delay Announcements

Kandy Advanced Queuing

For organizations that need call queueing and distribution with visibility and reporting:

  • Hunt Groups
  • UCD Groups
  • Music-on-hold
  • Delay Announcements
  • Wallboards
  • Reporting


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