MeetMe Audio Conferencing


Organizations need conference call services that are easy-to-use and ready-to-go at a moment’s notice. Many third-party web conferencing services just take too much time to set-up and use with complicated scheduling tools and different access numbers for every call. Worse, it feels like it takes fifty steps to get into the call, and is especially challenging for on-the-go mobile users.

Kandy MeetMe Conferencing is a breath of fresh air; every user gets their own dedicated access code that is always ready to use – no scheduling steps, no rotating access numbers. Better yet, MeetMe is tightly integrated into all Kandy clients so moderators can see who is joining and leaving their call; no distracting announcements (can be enabled as a preference), no unannounced listeners. And the Kandy MeetMe conference call service has years of R&D experience behind it so you can be sure of a superior audio conferencing experience.

Keep Your Office at Hand

With Smart Office Clients and Collaboration Rooms


Kandy’s MeetMe Conferencing provides reservation-less conferences; users are assigned a consistent bridge number and passcode that they can use to instantly enable anyone to call-in for an ad-hoc conference.

Tightly Integrated Into All Kandy Business Clients

Easily access MeetMe conferencing from any Kandy client to deliver advanced conferencing features including: IM notifications of participant status, current speaker video, instant messaging and call recording.


Combine Smart Office Screen Share and MeetMe Conferencing to provide a cost-effective alternative to other meeting broadcast services, without having to buy a pricey 3rd party solution.

Webinar: Driving New Business for the IOC

Watch this informative round table discussion to learn how to take advantage of the
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