As workforces become more dispersed, it is harder than ever to get team members together to share information and get decisions made.

Kandy Business Solutions offer employees their own personal collaboration room that can be launched instantly from their Kandy UC clients. Hold online meetings and collaboration sessions with multi-party voice, video and screen share. Team members and guests can connect, regardless of location or device, using their full suite of collaboration tools – connect from a desktop computer, a mobile device or a traditional phone.

Collaborating from the cloud not only connects everyone, it also provides a cost-effective alternative to room-based systems or specialized services that typically only provide access to a few users and cost far more. Because Kandy is subscription-based, organizations only pay for what they need, when they need - keeping costs under control.

Keep Your Office at Hand

With Smart Office Clients and Collaboration Rooms

Collaboration Tools

Smart Office Collaboration

“I wanted to look him/her in the eye.” It’s a common refrain that really refers to the importance of body language. Unfortunately that “look” might take a day of travel and cost most of a day of productivity. Smart Office Collaboration lets participants get engaged and stay engaged (or perceive a lack of engagement) from anywhere. Smart Office Collaboration Rooms offer HD multi-party video conferencing and screen share is available to anyone with a web browser. Connect from the office or from the road.

MeetMe Audio Conferencing

Just need traditional audio conferencing? Kandy makes that better too. Kandy MeetMe Conferencing gives every user gets their own dedicated access code that is always ready to use – no scheduling steps, no rotating access numbers. Better yet, MeetMe is tightly integrated into all Smart Office clients so moderators can see who is joining and leaving their call - no distracting announcements, no unannounced listeners.

Smart Office Screen Share

Users have a personal room to hold online meetings and share content with a few colleagues or a very large audience. There’s no need to pay for a pricey specialty service that charges per user or per minute. Instantly launch Screen Sharing from a Smart Office UC client or send out a calendar invite to co-workers and guests. There’s no schedule to manage or special meeting passwords that get missed. Just send a Smart Office web link and audio conference access. It’s that easy.

Webinar: Driving New Business for the IOC

Watch this informative round table discussion to learn how to take advantage of the
Unified Communications Cloud to drive new business revenue.



Ribbon is a global communications technology provider for Service Providers and Enterprises. Our talented team of nearly 2,300 employees created and run the Kandy Cloud. Like most large, global enterprises, Ribbon’s IT team is constantly tasked with finding ways to manage cost and deliver consistent services across a bevy of locations and to a growing group of remote employees.

IT was an early advocate for our Kandy solution, in part so they could use it to reduce their own burdens. Today every Ribbon employees’ phone is powered by Kandy and every employees has a Smart Office collaboration account. Every employee uses the exact same cloud solution as our customers. Not just talking the talk, walking the walk.


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