Solving Real Communications Problems with Unified Communications from the Cloud

Organizations in every industry are faced with the challenges of delivering scalable, reliable unified communications solutions under the weight of aging network infrastructure, ever-shrinking budgets, and reduced IT staffing.

Kandy Business Solutions provide a versatile, cloud-based, unified communications service that is secure, highly scalable, and cost-effective. Organizations, regardless of size or location, can leverage KBS to unify and consolidates multi-vendor, multi-site, voice, data, and video communications. Kandy levels the playing field so mobile and remote employees are fully accessible across the organization and have access to the same productivity tools as their office-based peers. If an employee has an Internet connection, Kandy gives them a seat at the table and makes them a productive member of the team.

Kandy doesn’t require a room full of new servers or a “cross-functional” Implementation team to deploy and maintain it. IT staff can stay focused on strategic projects and know that their user community always has the latest communications software and services.

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Communication Challenges Facing Education:

  • Ability to work from anywhere and receive/make calls from an office number
  • Opportunity to keep personal mobile numbers private
  • Aging phone and voicemail systems are nearing end-of-support
  • Need to preserve value of legacy infrastructure
  • Restricted capital budgets

Kandy Business provides universities, colleges and primary schools a unified communication solution that delivers, voice, video, messaging, and collaboration to the entire staff – allowing them to communicate and collaborate from the classroom, the office, or while roaming on or off-campus. Kandy also provides a single number solution that enables staff to use their office phone number on multiple devices: desk phones, smartphones, tablets, and computers. This allows faculty and staff to stay connected wherever they are without having to give out mobile or home telephones phone numbers.

Kandy is built on carrier-class elements, enabling it to support the scale and complexity of an educational environment. Kandy can support thousands of legacy Nortel handsets, saving millions in investment. Kandy provides multi-level administration so department level staff can support their own moves, adds, and changes. Educational institutions have also deployed Kandy Business Solutions to support tens of thousands of voicemail boxes integrated to legacy PBXs. Additionally, Kandy has a compelling solution to support thousands of analog phones that are often found in common areas and elevators. Unlike some competitors that only support small businesses, Kandy is ready for your campus.

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Communication Challenges Facing Government:

  • Demand for flexibility to work from any location or on the go
  • Need to maintain continuity of communications in times if crisis
  • Pressure to reduce costs by leveraging legacy Nortel IP phones
  • Need to increase mobility while keeping communications simple.
  • Aging phone and voicemail systems are nearing end-of-support

As a large global provider of secure real time communications technology and a proven provider of advanced all-IP networking solutions, Kandy Business Solutions enable federal, regional, and municipal governments to deploy unified multimedia communications for their workers across fixed and mobile networks. Our experts and partners deeply understand the opportunities and risks associated with the balance between open and flowing collaborative communications and the need to protect the public interest, personal privacy and investments in assets.

Kandy understands that governments can’t be “offline”. That’s why we partner with some of the largest resellers in the world; we can offer more than just a web page and a toll free phone number to support your organization. Our partners can deliver a comprehensive plan to migrate legacy equipment and support an entire migration to the cloud. Your team can choose the engagement level that matches the scope of the effort, whether it’s moving a single department, a single location or an entire municipality; we have field-proven experience making it happen.


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Communication Challenges Facing Financial:

  • Demand for flexibility to engage clients from any location
  • Locked down desktops or mobile devices as well as virtualized desktops
  • Need to manage migration costs by leveraging legacy Nortel phones
  • Require secure mobile communications
  • Aging phone and voicemail systems are nearing end-of-support

The Kandy Business Solutions team understands that financial services organizations come in many flavors, from retail banking, to personal and corporate investment, to tax and estate planning as well as a host of other specialties. Kandy supports a new generation of embedded communication technologies, based on WebRTC. This enables financial services organizations to offer their customers secure communications from web pages or other web-based applications. Encrypted voice and data ensure transactions are secure. Web-based applications also eliminate challenges with the locked-down desktops/mobile devices and virtualized desktops that commonly impede unified communications adoption in the industry. And because KBS is a service, it can cost-effectively deliver niche innovative services, like video-based private banking, without requiring oversized capital investments.

Regardless of their focus, financial services organizations interact with a customer base that doesn’t tolerate excuses. That’s why Kandy is built on a geographically redundant platform, offers local site survivability options and includes a multi-level, multi-site administration model that makes organizations more responsive without giving up central oversight. Kandy can also support legacy Nortel IP phones, making it an ideal choice for organizations seeking a cost-effective migration option for CS 1000 platforms. So whether a deployment is one site or one-hundred branch offices, Kandy is the secure, cost-effective choice.

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Communication Challenges Facing Healthcare:

  • Maintain traditional services while increasing mobility
  • Limited capital budgets make it challenging to replace aging infrastructure
  • Need to reduce costs by leveraging existing legacy Nortel phones
  • Need to increase mobility while keeping mobile phone number private
  • Aging phone and voicemail systems are coming to end-of-life

Healthcare providers, including individual practitioners, clinics and hospitals, have extreme demands and expectations placed upon them, under the strictest compliance standards. Kandy’s cloud-based unified communications solution helps private and public organizations deliver high-quality, secure, communications to their users while recognizing the cost-saving of the cloud.

Only Kandy Business Solutions can help healthcare providers transition their legacy Nortel infrastructure and migrate legacy Nortel IP phones (UNIStim-based) to the cloud. And Kandy has the traditional tools organizations require, such as Attendant Console software, as well as compelling next generation mobile communications that can allow medical staff to stay connected almost anywhere without giving out their personal mobile phone number.

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